Beetle rearing

July 8, 2010

Tour de France time! Amazed it has come around again already… doesn’t seem like a year since all those late nights watching the cycling on SBS. Anyway, inspired by the beetle rearing antics of Beetles in the Bush, I thought I would put some larva bearing twigs (or should that be twigs bearing larvae – either way conjures weird images in my head) into an old aquarium and see what eventually would emerge. I actually found these larvae by complete chance, when my little boy broke a twig against the back of my leg (!!), and I noticed a neat shavings plug where the pith would normally be. Being the big kid I am, I had to investigate further rather than just popping the twig in the tank and waiting. After a little excavating, I uncovered a rather chubby creamy white grub which I believed to be a moth larva. I encouraged the little chap back into its hole, put the twig in the aquarium and left it be.

A few days later I went back to check for progress, and much to my dismay the grub had popped back out of the twig and was on the tank floor. I decided to leave it there, rather than poking it even more. Turned out to be a great move, as I was able to watch the daily change as it underwent pupation! Due to its position in the tank, I couldn’t take photos – but it was still fun to see the developmental changes happen.

Well… it wasn’t a moth! Here is the final fruits of my first rearing experiment (well – more of just a wait than an experiment). A small (~7mm) Cerambycid beetle! A handheld camera, no flash and huge aperture aren’t conducive to a good macro photo, but you get the idea. Not sure on the ID, and for the time being It will have to wait. I have ants to point and cyclists to watch!


5 Responses to “Beetle rearing”

  1. TGIQ Says:

    Well done! I’ve not had much success to date rearing beetles (but I’m very good at mosquitos, apparently)…
    The colouration on that little guy is great…so cryptic!

  2. I can get to subfamily Lamiinae, but that’s it.

    Practice makes perfect!

    My TdF-induced sleep deprivation is already well established (we watch recorded live coverage in the evening – I generally don’t get to bed before 1am).

    • peteryeeles Says:

      We get it live, from 10pm to around 2am. It’s a killer when the little boy wants to get up and play at 6am the next day!

      Exciting tour so far this year. Looking forward to the Alps this weekend! Really hoping Cadel does well… and wouldn’t mind Lance win a mountain stage (at least) seeing as it is possibly his last tour.

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