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Science toys!

April 8, 2010

Having a little 2 year old constantly at my heels, I often find myself wondering what he will end up doing with his life. I genuinely think I would be happy with whatever he picks as long as he enjoys it, but.. I won’t lie.. I would be over the moon if he eventually decided to get into some form of science (biology would be great… but I’d even settle for one of the lesser sciences such as physics (teehee!)).

Toys are a pretty big part of both our lives at the moment. We both pick them, we both play with them (and my wife and I PAY for them!). While he has the usual trainset, stuffed toys and crafty arty stuff, it’s the science and nature toys which both of us enjoy most. I’m taking this as a good sign for the future! It’s also quite reassuring that the science and nature aisle at the local toy shop is so well stocked; it seems they are quite popular with all kids.

Anyway, here is the current favourite. The beetle game! Depicted below is a rare polymorphic, polychromatic species which lurks around our house by day, and retreats into it’s cardboard home at night. Interesting biology.. he is often found in the company of bears, snakes and trains.

I promise to post something a little more intellectual next time!

Plasticus embeegamesii